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The purpose of this community is to experiment with and learn more about magic in a group setting. Chaos magic beginners are welcome, encouraged even. We seek individuals who are interested in active participation: posting about their thoughts and experiments, commenting on the posts of others and participating in group magical experiments and projects.

Our vision is to encourage discussion and experimentation with magic, specifically that with a chaotic bent. We are more interested in experience than theory, and more into friendship and community than random driveby postings. That being said, here are our guidelines:

1. SPAM: Do not advertise for events, books for sale, personal ads looking for other chaotes in your area.
2. INTRODUCTION: Don't post a "Hi, I just joined" intro. Post something about magic!
3. FNORD! This is imperative and non-negotiable.
4. PARTICIPATION: Participation is mandatory.
5. DISPUTES: Debate and criticism are fine. Flaming will might get you banned. (Scary, eh?)

23. POSTS: Please be courteous and do not make huge posts unless they are cut with the LJ cut tag. If you think certain information from a website could be helpful to your fellow members, provide a link to the website instead of a huge copy & paste. We are interested in the thoughts of the individual magician, not tracts from the web.

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