Brian Shaughnessy (sammhain) wrote in chaoscurrent,
Brian Shaughnessy


Bluebird, a quarterly print periodical of reality hacking, outsider culture, high weirdness, bio-psionics and neo-tantra for modern mystics, is now seeking submissions of writing and art.

Writing: 1500-8000 word min/max. Content may be in the form of articles, narrative, memoirs, poetic prose. Poetry will be considered and may be shorter in length. Please use spellcheck and separate your paragraphs.

Art: Internal art will be black and white. Color cover. We are especially keen on post-apocalyptic folk-art.

Deadline for the first issue is February 1, 2009. With your submission, we ask that you send a short bio, 100 words max.

For questions, submissions and more information:

Bluebird is a Brenico Production brought to you by:
Edward E. Wilson, Kara Rae Garland, Lillian Grace and Samm Hain.
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