contraindicated for use with/for/by humans (agent139) wrote in chaoscurrent,
contraindicated for use with/for/by humans

The G-Spot 32: fever dreams & transmedia litany

In this special one hour G-Spot, James Curcio builds a fragmented narrative through excerpts from various shows that he produced / co-produced over the past seven years, wandering through it as if displaced in time, in a fever dream. Also included is an excerpt from Transmedia Litany, with Genesis P. Orridge & Joseph Matheny. All of the music and content that makes up this podcasts is home-grown, recorded in various home & psuedo-professional studios.

Some links you may want to check out after / while you listen: ZenseiderZ, the rough version of the MHB informercial (c2000), the Join My Cult! eBook, Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning eBook, order Fallen Nation on Amazon, Babalon.

LISTEN here. We suggest you listen on headphones. Or while driving late at night. (Though we aren't responsible if you drive off the road.)

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