Freeman (ulbh) wrote in chaoscurrent,

OTW (and vague) question re TOPY

I've been preparing a kind of metamagical working (one I'm not ready to report on), and this morning, I had a vivid, looping dream about TOPY which was supposed to have been relevant to the work in progress somehow. In the dream, there was a reference to a sub-organization characterized by cells of four, and an insistence that something about the very early history of TOPY was A Big Clue for me.

This doesn't make a lot of waking-world sense, but since I never spent much time reading TOPY stuff or paying attention to them, beyond "thee" occasional chuckle at people posting on magical fora in TOPY-cant, I figured it wouldn't do to dismiss it.

Anyway, I've been picking through some of the available writings, and thought maybe someone here could point me to early stuff of possible relevance (even though no one will know the relevance until I "Aha!" it).
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