Hyena Tabu (tidestrike) wrote in chaoscurrent,
Hyena Tabu

N00b alert!

Hail and salutes! I'm new--not only to this community but to k/chaos magic/k in general. I've recently returned from Ireland, where I failed to find what I thought I was looking for, and I've begun to realize (after about 9 years of trying) that the more "traditional" routes may not be what works best for m'self. So I'm looking into things that, for whatever reason, I avoided or never considered in the past.

I understand the concept of reality as a product of individual perception in theory, but am finding it a bit difficult to pursue in practice. =\ I'm trying to remedy that, as well as give the whole continuous radical paradigm shift thing a shot. I'll be honest: I find it all somewhat frightening.

Er, anyway, that's me, hello, looking forward to getting to know y'all and leaching info from your brains like some sort of biotrophic parasite. And that was my ultra-awkward, clumsily concluded introduction.
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