Lobster Cake (starlitsorcerer) wrote in chaoscurrent,
Lobster Cake

Furthering Education and Community (x-posted)

I'm from Southeastern MA and looking to check out any postmodern magic communities in MA or RI. I may be interested in going further if I can find good enough institutions. I got my hopes up for a few minutes when I saw advertisements for Arcanorium College, but all the links brought me to a dead website. Are there any actual magick colleges for any path? Even magician friends would be welcome. Please comment or e-mail me if you have helpful info (justroc84 at yahoo). Thanks. ^^
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I don't live there anymore, but out of curiosity where in Se Mass. Also a friend of mine is working on an online magickal university, i'll post about it when it goes live.
I live in Swansea. It's near Fall River. About four towns over from Providence, RI.